Login with MetaMask

Whilst viewing the landing page on Libertas VOX, you will be presented with this screen.

Libertas VOX.png


To activate the dropdown menu, click on the menu-bar marked in red below.

Libertas VOX (2).png


Once the dropdown menu is active, click on the login button.

Libertas VOX (1).png


After clicking on the login button, a popup will be displayed on your screen, click on the 'Login with MetaMask' button marked with red below.

Libertas VOX (3).png


Your MetaMask browser extension will spring into life, log into MetaMask with your password.

Desktop screensh.png

Once you have logged into MetaMask, you will be asked to sign the login request, click on the Sign button.

Desktop screensh (1).png


Congrats, now you are logged in :)


Video guide: