How to upload

Once you have logged into Libertas VOX as shown in our login guide, you can upload your audio files to the platform. The first step is to open the menu by clicking the menu-bar marked in red below.

Libertas VOX (2).png


Once the dropdown menu is active, click on the Upload Podcast button.

Libertas VOX (7).png


Once you are on the Upload page, click on the import audio file area. A popup will be displayed where you can choose the content you would like to upload.

Libertas VOX (9).png


After you have selected the audio file, the next step is to add your cover image by clicking into the marked area. The image must be 1400x1400 pixels.
Ensure the images / thumbnails are Safe for Work. Any NSFW material will be scraped and replaced with a generic thumbnail to ensure no bad actor can sabotage the platform (and spoil the fun for all).

Libertas VOX (10).png


The next step is to fill out the description for the Podcast, Music or Audiobook you are uploading. Here you will need to enter the title, author, select the category from the dropdown menu and enter your description.
Be as descriptive as possible so your fans can find your uploads.


Libertas VOX (11).png


Once you are happy with all of the above steps, click on the Upload podcast button.


Libertas VOX (13).png


Congrats, your audio file is now on Libertas VOX :) 




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